Keeping It Real

The Love Junkies believe in making videos that are as real as possible in order to convey what really goes on at our weddings. Mostly these are simply shot on an iPhone and the audio is unadorned and is actually what we sound like on stage. This ethos is beneficial in particular to couples or companies who are unable to come to see the band because of time constraints or because they are living abroad. ENJOY! 🙂



This is no setup. This is just what happens when The Love Junkies do their thing. Your guests want to let loose and have fun. We set the scene so that they can.
We LOVE what we do and it shows but don’t just take our word for it – check out the audience reaction in this compilation of footage from some of our weddings. 
THE LOVE JUNKIES SIX is our classic line-up of dynamite female and male lead singers. Our singers and musicians are experienced, dynamic performers who love what they do! We introduce several interactive elements to make each performance unique. We want to do more than perform for you. We want to celebrate with you! 
THE LOVE JUNKIES FIVE is the all male version on the band. It’s the same great show with perhaps a little more testosterone! A killer setlist, great interactivity and using only seasoned and professional musicians. 
Some quick clips from one of our wedding showcases in Kinsale. 


THE LEGENDS are the mini version of The Love Junkies (ahh, that’s really sweet!). Combining the talents of three great musicians and singers on piano, bass and drums this is a powerhouse in a small package. If you are scaling things down for a small wedding then this set up is perfect!
A big part of our show is Crowd Interaction. We think that getting everyone involved makes the night. Here the lads get to do a bit of air guitar. 
Just time for a final run through before the first dance. It doesn’t matter if the couple have a routine to rival Strictly or just shuffle around the floor – the feeling from friends and family surrounding them is always magic.